Why Us

Tri-Arrows values relationships – with customers, with suppliers, with employees, and with our communities. We believe in long‑term partnerships that focus on delivering value to our customers and suppliers. We believe this long-term view separates us from many and brings trust to our business relationships.

Additionally, Logan Aluminum, our joint-venture rolling facility in Russellville, Kentucky is ranked one of the most efficient aluminum mills in the world. The highest quality material is produced here providing our customers with the very best product.

Our Core Products



Can Sheet

Can Sheet

The Aluminum Can is made up of three components – the Can Body, the End, and the Tab. Tri-Arrows produces aluminum coil, which creates all three components, with 3004 Alloy and 3104 Alloy for body stock, and 5182 Alloy for end and tab stock. Our process leads to the creation of the most sustainable package for beverages.

Automotive Sheet

Automotive Sheet

Tri-Arrows casts, hot-rolls, and cold-rolls coils and ships them to our joint-venture in Bowling Green for finishing on a Continuous Anneal Line with Pretreatment (CALP). This finishing process creates all of the properties required by automobile manufacturers.

Our R&D Capabilities

Being part of UACJ Group, Tri-Arrows Aluminum has direct access to a network of hundreds of research and development professionals across multiple locations around the world, making it one of the most diversified teams in the industry.

The Can Technology Centers in Nagoya and Fukui are equipped with cutting‑edge analysis technology along with a number of pilot line packaging manufacturing capabilities enabling deep, end-to-end understanding of our customers processes and their interaction with our sheet manufacturing process.

In addition, Tri-Arrows Aluminum has forged a solid partnership with SECAT, Inc, one of the most recognized aluminum-focused laboratories in the world. Through this relationship, Tri-Arrows Aluminum has direct access to local PhD researchers with expertise in Mechanical Testing, Failure Analysis as well as Metallurgical and Chemical Analysis, just a few miles away from our Headquarter offices.

In summary, Tri-Arrows Aluminum has access to a privileged network of Research & Development resources that allow us to support our customer’s current and future development needs as well as to react with swift technical assistance in those times of trouble, when quick resolutions, and root-cause findings are needed to sustain the business.

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Our Process



We buy raw materials (many times, from our own customers), including used beverage cans and other forms of scrap, and we turn them into molten aluminum, which goes through a detailed filtration process.


The clean, filtered molten aluminum is then formed into ingots of different alloys, which are variations on their chemistry that influence the final product properties such as how strong, hard, or tough it is.



Aluminum ingots are processed through our hot-rolling and cold-rolling operations, using various temperature, gauge, and surface quality controls. Our hot-rolling operation takes ingot at higher temperatures and turns it into hot band coil. Our cold-rolling operation takes hot band coil and rolls it to final gauge at lower temperatures to set the metallurgical properties of the material. At Tri-Arrows, our world‑class gauge and shape controls on our mills deliver highest quality flat-rolled sheet product.


Customer products are alloy and specification dependent. Finishing operations are tailored to producing a final coil that meets their specific needs. Finishing operations such as coating, tension leveling, slitting, packaging, etc. are tailored to customer specifications producing a final product which meets the customer’s needs.

Product Testing

Product Testing

Our trained, on-site laboratory technicians take a sample off each coil and test mechanical properties, lube, coatings, and confirm product attributes are within process control and customer specifications.

What Makes Us Different?

Tri-Arrows is focused on customer relationships creating long term strategic partnerships instead of the traditional supplier/customer dynamic. We do this through an experienced multi-functional team of Account Managers, Customer Service Representatives, Technical Service Managers and Operations Engineers who work closely to provide world-class account support and expedient responses to all of today’s market challenges.

Tri-Arrows also has access to an outstanding group of Product and Process Metallurgists at the Logan Plant along with a network of laboratories in Japan (UACJ) and Kentucky (SECAT) with dozens of subject matter experts ready to respond to any conceivable customer issue.

Furthermore, Tri-Arrows is constantly anticipating the future of can sheet. In partnership with all UACJ Group’s companies through the Can Technology Centers at Nagoya and Fukui, a Research & Development team is focused on developing and testing new alloys and materials through a series of prototype lines capable of simulating our customer’s processes.