Our Story

Tri-Arrows Aluminum is a leading supplier of rolled aluminum sheet in the North American Market focusing on the Beverage Can Sheet and Automotive Sheet markets. Our products are manufactured at Logan Aluminum, a joint venture production facility between Tri-Arrows and Novelis Corporation. Logan Aluminum is a world-class facility respected as one of the most efficient aluminum mills in the world. Tri‑Arrows is owned by a consortium composed of the UACJ Corporation, Sumitomo Corporation, Itochu Metals Corporation, and Itochu Corporation. Tri-Arrows has always focused on productivity, reliability, technical expertise, sustainability, and customer service leading to long-term industry supplier and customer relationships and sustained success. Success in our key markets has driven recent investments of over $400M at Logan Aluminum impacting everything from recycling to finishing operations. With a lean operation in Louisville, KY, Tri‑Arrows delivers the highest quality aluminum sheet to customers who put their trust in us every day. Our employees pride themselves on delivering value to both our customers and to Tri-Arrows.

Our Philosophy

Tri-Arrows focuses on maximizing value, flexibility and sustainability. Everything we do is intended to benefit our stakeholders, employees, and local communities.


Be it to shareholders, customers, employees, or anyone else – it is core to who we are. It’s not always the same value, but it’s important to understand why what you are doing is important.


We pride ourselves on being flexible in the market. We are there for customers when we are needed. We are lean and able to quickly adapt to new market situations. This flexibility is core to who we are.


In addition to recycling, this includes ensuring our business model, employees, and strategy is relevant for years to come. It’s training, it’s innovation, it’s profitability.

Our Team

Tri-Arrows is owned by UACJ Corporation, Sumitomo Corporation, Itochu Corporation and Itochu Metals Corporation. Additionally, we are involved in a joint venture that owns the Logan Aluminum  manufacturing facility in Russellville  Kentucky, United States. Our owners along with our joint venture interests provide us with access to unparalleled production facilities, market networks, and R&D capabilities. Tri-Arrows is located in Louisville, Kentucky where we have a lean team focused on delivering the best products and service to our customers.

Our Timeline


Tri-Arrows Aluminum’s rich tradition began when Atlantic Richfield purchased Anaconda Corporation.


ARCO began construction on ARCO Logan Inc.


ARCO formed a joint venture with Alcan Aluminum Corporation called Logan Aluminum Inc.


BP acquired the ARCO and its interest in Logan Aluminum Inc.


ARCO completed construction of a 100% owned state-of-the art recycling/scrap processing center.


BP’s interest in ARCO Aluminum was acquired by a consortium of five Japanese companies (Sumitomo, Furikawa Sky, Sumitomo Light Metals, Itochu, and Itochu Metals) and was renamed Tri-Arrows Aluminum Inc.


Sumitomo Light Metals and Furukawa-Sky Aluminum Corporation merged to form UACJ Corporation which owns the controlling interest in Tri-Arrows.


Tri-Arrows started development, production and qualification of auto body sheet starter coils for supply to our customers external heat treat and finishing operations.


Tri-Arrows began executing an aggressive capital investment plan expanding capabilities and capacities from recycling to cold rolling and totaling over $400M.

Our Executive Team


Henry Gordinier was appointed President & CEO of Tri‑Arrows Aluminum Inc. in April 2017. Mr. Gordinier previously served as Tri‑Arrows Executive Vice President of Commercial and Planning, and Vice President of Business Management.  He rejoined Tri-Arrows in 2014 after serving as the Vice President of Strategy for Kindred Healthcare, a Fortune 350 healthcare company. At Kindred, he oversaw pilot programs to test models for at-risk payment and service delivery. Mr. Gordinier initially worked for eight years with Tri‑Arrows predecessor, ARCO Aluminum Inc. with responsibility for financial risk management, business planning and analytics. He has an MBA from Vanderbilt University and a BA from Brown University. Currently, Mr. Gordinier serves as Chairman of the Board of Logan Aluminum, a production joint venture between Tri-Arrows and Novelis Corporation, as a member of the Board of Directors of Constellium‑UACJ ABS LLC, a joint-venture between TAAH and Constellium, and is on the Board of the Aluminum Association and a member of its executive committee.


Mark was appointed Chief Operations Officer of Tri-Arrows in 2017 and is responsible for Operations, Supply Chain, and Metal Procurement at Tri-Arrows. He joined Tri-Arrows in August of 2012 as Director-of-Operations and Planning and was promoted to Senior Vice President of Operations in 2015. Prior to joining Tri-Arrows, Mark served in various manufacturing and technical roles at the Logan Aluminum beginning in May of 2009. Before starting at Logan Aluminum, Mark worked for Noranda Aluminum in New Madrid, Missouri. Mark holds a degree in Metallurgical Engineering from University of Missouri – Rolla, an MBA from William Woods University and has continued his education through Six Sigma – Black Belt and various lean manufacturing training programs. Mark currently serves on the Logan Aluminum Board of Directors.

Manufacturing Sites

Global Network of Mills through UACJ UACJ began in 2013 as a combination of Furukawa-Sky Aluminum Corp. and Sumitomo Light Metals Industries, Inc. UACJ operates plants around the world, producing flat-rolled products, extruded metal, foil, casting and forging, copper tubing, and precision-machined components.

Logan Aluminum in Russellville, KY Logan is a joint venture with two shareholders, Tri-Arrows and Novelis. The plant is a leading manufacturer of flat-rolled aluminum sheet, primarily in the beverage can market.

Rayong, Thailand As UACJ’s newest asset globally, this plant located two hours from Bangkok represents UACJ’s continued commitment and belief in the Southeast Asian economy. This plant is the largest aluminum rolling mill in Southeast Asia.

Fukui, Japan  Fukui Works is a fully integrated mill including casting, hot-rolling, cold-rolling, and multiple finishing processes.

Nagoya, Japan The Nagoya plant supplies 300,000 tons of high-quality, high-precision sheet products per year. Nagoya Works offers ingot production, hot-rolled, cold-rolled, and heat-treated aluminum.