High-Quality Materials In and Out


For many years, Tri-Arrows has been a large aluminum scrap consumer. Recently, we have invested heavily at Logan to expand our scrap processing capabilities further widening both the quantities and types of scrap we can consume. We source these materials from a variety of suppliers around the globe including many of our customers who find value in creating a closed loop for their products.

To ensure the safety of our team as well as the quality of our product, it is critical that all raw materials entering our plant meet our standards and specifications. To ensure this, we inspect and test all input variables or meltables — whether RSI, Prime, or Scrap — to ensure that each of our suppliers are adhering to the specifications and expectations of Tri-Arrows and Logan Aluminum.

For more information on our guidelines regarding material specifications, documentation, delivery details, and overall requirements of our Meltable Performance Program please visit the Logan Aluminum Raw Materials website at http://www.loganrawmaterials.com/