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As a recognized leader in the community, Tri-Arrows Aluminum is committed to spreading our sustainable vision, educating the public about aluminum recycling, and maintaining a safe, environmentally responsible workplace.

Giving Back

Tri-Arrows is a lean organization operating with just over 50 employees in our corporate headquarters in Louisville, KY. We rely on these team members to manage our daily business, our strategy, our production process at Logan Aluminum, and our future. So their development, as well as the safety and development of our joint venture’s employees in Russellville, KY, at Logan Aluminum is of prime importance to us. Logan employees nearly 15% of the town of Russellville, so we take great pride in giving back to the local community.

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At Tri-Arrows, we are continually mindful of the impact of our productions on the environment. And that impact? It’s less than you might think. Aluminum is actually 100% recyclable and can be recycled infinite times without any downgrade to the aluminum itself. Producing aluminum from scrap metal saves 95% of the energy required to produce primary aluminum.

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Data Driven Sustainability

Can beverage and automotive are the two main industries we serve at Tri-Arrows. We stand confidently behind the sustainability of our products, and the data does too.

Aluminum cans contain three times more recycled content than any other beverage packaging. When recycled, aluminum cans are able to be consumed, recycled, and back on the shelf to be enjoyed again within 3 months! When it comes to automotive aluminum scrap, almost 90 percent—over a half-million tons each year—is recovered and recycled. Need perspective? One ton of recycled aluminum is the equivalent to saving 21 barrels of oil.

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