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Supplier of Rolled Can Sheet

Core Products

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Tri-Arrows Aluminum  has experience supplying aluminum for building products 

Tri-Arrows Aluminum Core ProductCore product

Tri-Arrows Aluminum supplies can manufacturers with Rigid Container Sheet.


We, at Tri-Arrows Aluminum, employ a continuous improvement methodology to our process and products.

Unparalleled and unique culture of providing excellent customer service and technical support for optimum productivity of our customers' plants

Experience in vendor managed inventory

  • Reduces customers' working capital requirements
  • Ensures supply, reduces non-value added transactions, and optimizes stock levels in order to increase delivery performance
  • On-time delivery performance - consistently above 98%

Product quality

Tri-Arrows Aluminum delivers products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations by continuously improving our products and processes by reducing variation and improving performance. With a world-class return rate that is annually below 0.5%, we supply products that help our customers realize improved equipment efficiencies, increased production, reduced spoilage, and reduced supply chain cost.

Customer service

Our Team:

  • Dedicated Technical Service Managers with significant experience
  • Dedicated Customer Service Representatives